Prices and terms

Assignment confirmation

All our clients will receive an assignment confirmation at the start of the assignment. The assignment confirmation must contain prices and conditions and must be approved by the client. We must clarify whether the client has the right to free legal aid or whether the case can be covered by the client’s insurance schemes, Legal Aid Insurance.

The client is responsible for ensuring that the information provided is complete and correct.


Our fee will be based on elapsed time.

Our hourly rates are from NOK 1960+VAT to NOK 2560+VAT. Minimum hourly load is 15 min. The fee is invoiced continuously or at the end of the assignment. In some cases, an advance payment is requested, which I count against work done.

The client must pay the invoice when due. If payment is not received, we will suspend the work.

As a law office, we are subject to the Norwegian Association of Lawyers’ “Rules for Good Legal Practice”. Here are also guidelines for the size of the fee. For more information and rights see The Bar Association’s homepage.

Free legal aid

Free legal aid is legal aid that is covered by the state. The scheme deals with both free legal advice and free proceedings. The right to Free Legal Aid basically depends on the client’s income and assets.

You may have the right to free legal aid in certain matters that deal with social security and pensions, compensation for personal injury, termination or dismissal in employment, family matters, termination of a tenancy contract, compensation for victims of violence, forced marriage, ill-treatment cases and in immigration cases. A listen in most cases pays a property.

See more information on the County Governor’s homepage: Free legal aid –

Legal aid insurance

Some have the right to legal assistance through their private insurances. The starting point for obtaining coverage under legal aid insurance is that a dispute must have arisen.

Contact the insurance company for clarification on what the insurance covers.

Criminal cases

Defense mission

The court can cover fees for defense assignments when an indictment has been issued. Participation and support during the investigation must usually be covered by the client themselves. If the case is dropped, you can apply to be reimbursed legal fees from the public.

Assistance lawyer / support lawyer – free advice and support

As the victim in a criminal case, you are in many cases entitled to be covered for up to 3 hours of counseling to assess whether a case should be reported to the police. In many cases, you also get to cover expenses during the investigation, after charges have been brought and in connection with an application for compensation for victims of violence.